My name is Sara Lorien Smith. I'm the founder and principal of Media in Bloom, a web marketing and design studio located near Santa Cruz, CA. I partner with smallish businesses and organizations who are wanting to accomplish BIG things. My passion is helping you to communicate your story in the most effective way possible while providing your audience with a delightful user experience.

WP Design & Dev

We Love WordPress! Yep, we think WordPress is simply awesome. It’s so flexible and customizable and has a great support community. Plus business owners LOVE that they can update their content without having to call us. That’s why it’s our mainstay. If you think WordPress is just for blogging, boy have we got news for you.


We’ve tried quite a few e-commerce platforms and have chosen Shopify and WooCommerce as our favorites. We are highly skilled at customizing  your storefront for optimum impact, and helping with all the little details like payment systems, shipping, and more. Even if you’re not selling a tangible product, we’ve got options for selling services, digital downloads, and more.


Though your website is the core of your online presence, it shouldn’t be your only marketing tool. It can be hard to make your voice heard above all the things competing for our attention. We will work with you to educate you on the different social media, email marketing, and other available tools, and help you determine the strategy that is right for you.


Hi, I'm Sara Lorien Smith. I'm the owner and web diva here at Media in Bloom. I have a confession ... I kill plants. Seriously, I could kill a cactus. What can I say? I'm a geek, not a gardener. My gift is technology and helping you to best utilize available tools to make your web presence work for you, rather than against you.

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TerraCrate by Narwhal Natural

I've got a little side hustle going on! TerraCrate is a children's craft subscription box and my opportunity to do something crafty and fun that benefits kids and families. Launched as a beta in September 2016, I tested things out using a low cost WordPress website initially along with a Cratejoy backend. Designed and built by me, naturally. Though Cratejoy is a great platform for subscription box e-commerce, as a designer and marketer I found it too limiting. Now with some customers on board and a clearer picture of where I want to take this, I'm moving the whole thing over to Shopify and re-branding under the product name (rather than the initial company name). The new site will be launching in early 2017.

Here's the current website: http://narwhalnatural.com